Computer Networking

We help you setup your physical network using industry standard best prac​tices.​​​​​​

Network Installation

We ensure that your network infrastructure is designed and properly installed. Untangled wires, labels, and correctly sized cables are just some of the things that many people and IT contractors overlook. These simple, extra steps to organize your network ensures that future work becomes as seamless, and cost effective, as possible.

Network Management

We help manage your network to meet your business needs and minimize downtime due to a disruption. We first take inventory of your network devices and assess if your network requirements are currently being met. We then predict your future requirements and take appropriate measures to grow your network capacity as you grow your operations.

Network Security

We configure your firewalls and physical network to prevent unauthorized access and minimize the potential damage caused by a network intruder. We can also help you identify and oust an intruder if you are currently being victimized.

Implement your network

Get a professional setup that will last